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Are you looking for a reliable and innovative logistics partner? Parsoe Logistics can relieve you in all your logistics issues. With more than 20 years of experience in logistic services, Parsoe Logistics stands out for its reliability and professionalism where efficiency and quality are key.

Within Parsoe Logistics innovation and development remain important pillars on which we spar and work on daily base. Over the years, the organization had developed, offering a total packagae in logistic service, transport, consultancy and software development. With a team of LEAN-experts, we optimize processes where out IT-tools can be recommended for support.

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How can we help you?

Logistics Services ​

Parsoe Logistics can be used for all your logistics issues in various industries. We have a broad foundation of knowledge which make any logistics issues possible.


Take care of your goods. Our various transport services make it possible to deliver all your shipment at the right time and place. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Logistic Consultancy

Do you want to improve your processes or make it more responsive to digital innovations? Our team actively works daily with your processes to analyze the process from different angles resulting in multiple recommendations to advance your business.

Software Development

Do you need your own software application for the purpose of optimizing, automating, and digitizing your own process? Software Developers within Parsoe Logistics are happy to think along with you in the design and process whereby a suitable solution can be developed

Parsoe Logistics, your allround logistics solution, anywhere anytime.
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Connect, commit, and collaborate

Connect, commit, and collaborate are three key principles within Parsoe Logistics where which ensures all together a trustworthy relationship with customers and employees. This results in relationships that look for opportunities to achieve different goals effectively.

Connecting to each other’s business requirements and desires, as well as mutual values and norms, is critical to working together as a solid team and accomplishing established goals. Collaborating and connecting with people and businesses, where knowledge is shared, creates innovations and improvements in many aspects.

Parsoe Logistics is more than a company.

Who are we?

Parsoe Logistics was founded in 1999 by Mr. Boyke Parsoe. Its core business was delivering various parcels on behalf of customers. During Parsoe Logistics existence, market force changed regarding the lead time of delivered parcels. By meeting the demand for short lead times, the company grew into a successful business. This growth brought new opportunities and led to a partnership with a major car manufacturer. In doing so, the organization grew over time with various work withing process optimization and developing/implementing IT-tools.

Parsoe Logistics always maintains the principles which it stands for. The management wants to build a healthy relationship with both customers and employees, in which trust is crucial. This should be the case on the working fields, where it all happens.

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