Connect, Collaborate & Commit

Parsoe Logistics stands for connection. A good connection both internally and externally is crucial to achieve good cooperation. By keeping in close contact with our customers and staff, we move flawlessly through potentially changing work and ensure high productivity.

Connecting to each other’s business requirements and desires, as well as mutual values and norms, is critical to working together as a solid team and accomplishing established goals. Collaborating and connecting with people and businesses, where knowledge is shared, creates innovations and improvements in many aspects.


Commitment is a key principle of Parsoe Logistics. We strive to honour all agreements made both internally and externally. Commitment is therefore a fundamental principle on which Parsoe Logistics is based. With this principle, we strive to create a high-level relationship of trust.

With a good “connect” and “commit”, we ensure the best partnership. Everyone within Parsoe Logistics sets great store by an efficient partnership. In addition, we think along with the clients to organize the work in such a way that costs are reduced.

Mission & Vision


Relieving your logistics issues, with reliable manpower and digital innovations.


A world full of automating warehouse using our IT tools equipped with AI that will map the various processes and offer a total solution in terms of cost, productivity, and quality. Here the physical load of humans will be minimized and partly replaced by an observer role. This will result in the prevention of human errors and an automated working environment where data does the work for you.

The team

Parsoe Logistics consist of a young productive team and are extremely flexible. The team therefore moves with the demands but also the changings coming from customers without any difficulties. Through a strict personnel policy, we select personnel who represent the interest of the company. By training our personnel according to several methodology, we ensure that our people can quickly anticipate changing and/or customer requirements.

Parsoe Logistics also values the social aspect. There is diversity within the organization, which we cherish and wat to preserve. We want to ensure at all times that our staff continues to develop, both personally and professionally. By maintaining intensive contact with the Amsterdam social program, we select the best candidates to reintegrating in the work field so the people can hope and dream again. Parsoe Logistics is more than just a company.

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